How many children does Renato Tapia have with his wife Andrea Cordero?

Soccer player Renato Tapia is in the eye of the storm after it was made public that He had a son who did not have his last name with his former childhood partner, Daniela Castro, with whom he met when i was married with Andrea Cordero. How many children does the athlete have? Find out here.

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How many children does Renato Tapia have?

Even though he Real Club Celta de Vigo player he has been married since he was 19 years old, he has become the father of a girl who is still a minor with his wife Andrea Cordero. Although it would not be the only one.

Recently, Daniela Castro He went to an interview with Magaly Medina where he revealed that he has a 6-year-old son with the soccer player, but that he has not given him his last name, so in RENIEC he appears with both mother’s last names as if it were his brother.

It should be noted that, to date, the athlete has already accepted that if he has a child with his childhood ex-partner, cheating on his wife and asking for forgiveness for his actions. That is to say, Renato Tapia he has two children so far.

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What did Renato Tapia say about his son with Daniela Castro?

Following the public complaint issued in Magaly TV The Firmnicknamed “Cabezón” apologized for the way he handled the issue involving his son with Daniela Castro, as well as his family for the critical moment he is going through.

“Clarify that from the first moment I was present for my son, covering his needs and assuming the obligations that correspond as a father,” he said. football player in his statement that is publicly on his Instagram profile.

In addition, he took the opportunity to clarify what is the process he carries out with the mother of his son: “To communicate that for several months we have been in a conciliation process to reach a formal and orderly agreement, always ensuring the well-being of my son. Unfortunately this agreement has not yet been possible, but I am sure that we will achieve it as soon as possible “, said.

This is Renato Tapia’s statement when he accepted his paternity. Source: Instagram.

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What did Andrea Cordero say about Renato Tapia’s infidelity?

Andrea Corderothe athlete’s wife, has chosen to disable comments on her account instagram, not to mention anything about the new revelation of a new child his son had out of wedlock. However, her childhood ex-partner would have confessed that everyone was aware of what happened, although it has not been confirmed.

“The most challenging year of my entire life has come to an end. Between sinking and not allowing myself another second of pain, I chose myself day after day and I was able to reach December with many more smiles,” was what the wife and mother of the daughter of Peruvian national team player in his last post.

It should be noted that many users have connected this publication with having found out the news involving their partner. She ended with this recommendation: “Depression and anxiety are mental disorders that affect 4% of the population. Do not ignore the situation, work on it and always be compassionate,” she reads.

This is the last publication of Renato Tapia’s wife. Source: Instagram.