How much did Alejandra Baigorria earn in “Combat” and for how much more did she go to “EEG”?

Alejandra Baigorria She was the last guest of the “Com FM” program. In the space run by Mario Irivarren and Fabianne Hayashida on YouTube, the businesswoman from Gamarra talked about her time on youth reality shows like “Combate” and “Esto es guerra.” In addition, she recalled her romance with the car driver Mario Hart.

How was your entry into “Combat”?

Alejandra Baigorria, 34, revealed how she came to enter “Combate”, a reality show in which Mario Hart, her then partner, participated. According to the blonde, it was she who was interested in entering said ATV space to be close to the car driver, with whom she had separated at that time.

The businesswoman indicated that when she found out that there was a casting to enter “Combate”, it was she who called the production. “I said: ‘Since he is there, I am also going to enter.’ (I behaved) like an intense and toxic chibola ”, she expressed during the interview. “I have learned, I have matured,” she added.

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What was the salary of Alejandra Baigorria in “Combat”?

As expected, Mario Irivarren and Fabianne Hayashida did not stop asking about Alejandra Baigorria’s first salary in “Combate”. Although at first she did not want to say the exact amount, Baigorria indicated that she started with $1,200 and that this was her salary for two years.

According to the Peruvian businesswoman, she was paid a little more for being the girlfriend of Mario Hart, who was one of the highest earners in “Combate.” “For me it was enough, it was a lot of money,” she declared.

In another moment of the podcast, Alejandra Baigorria assured that it bothered her to be “the girlfriend of”, for this reason she worked hard to become a new “combatant” and thus achieve her own space on television. She also claimed that she was able to get paid $3,000 in “Combat” because she had complained about her. “I am a businesswoman, but a very bad businessman,” she said.

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How much did they pay Alejandra Baigorria to go to “This is war”?

In the middle of the “Com FM” program, Alejandra Baigorria told why she decided to go to the competition (“Esto es guerra”) with Mario Hart. In addition, the former reality girl indicated that she was her ex-partner in charge of negotiating her pass to América Televisión.

According to the statements of the author of “I can, I know I can”, Mario Hart managed to get the production to increase 2,000 dollars. I mean, he signed his contract for $5,000 a month.

Alejandra Baigorria recalled that she only lasted a month in “Esto es guerra” and that her return to “Combate” was positive because she earned a better salary. She said that she returned to the program hosted by Gian Piero Díaz and Renzo Schuller for $8,000, while Mario Hart’s salary was higher than hers, but she avoided revealing her figures.