How much did Duilio Vallebuona earn in “This is war” and why did he go to “Combate”?

The best are never forgotten! For “Combat“Kids of all kinds have passed by: with university degrees, students, qualified athletes, models, dancers, actors and artists in general. It is very likely that many of them, at some point, have not imagined entering these competition reality shows for all the media load that came with it.One of those cases is the model Diulio Vallebuona, who dedicated a large part of his life to tennis at a professional level, and had ruled out competing on television until he saw it as a good platform for generate better income.

This is how he entered the América Televisión program, then went through ATV and from there he has not stopped participating in them, even if only sporadically. The young man has been in the news on several occasions, not only because of his time on television, but also because of his personal achievements, such as finishing his university degree and much more. Do you want to know more about the tennis player and what happened to him on the small screen? Next, we will let you know all the details.

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Who is Duilio Vallebuona?

The model Duilio Vallebuona was born on July 6, 1992 in Lima. He is 1.84 meters tall thanks to the fact that he worked as a tennis player from a very young age and won ITF Futures three times in 2014. As an athlete he debuted in the Davis cup in 2015, but it didn’t get very far. However, that would not be the only area in which the handsome young man would develop, since he also had a good performance on the catwalk.

In this way, he represented Peru in the Mister International 2018, but could not achieve a victory in the country of the Philippines, as far as he traveled to compete. Since then she has participated in reality shows such as “challenge of champions“, “This is war”, “Combat” and “this is cool“, respectively. Currently, he works as an influencer on his social networks and was also present at the last final of the América Televisión competition program.

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How much did Duilio Vallebuona earn in “EEG”?

The former reality boy Duilio Vallebuona appeared on the podcast “With FM” to tell his best kept secrets of his participation in the competition formats in which he participated. The businesswoman Fabianne Hayashida and the model Mario Irivarren did not hesitate to ask him the question that his guests ask him: how much did they earn when they entered ATV? Before that, the model revealed: “In ‘Combat’ got me down. There they paid me 9,000″.

However, what caught the most attention was when he said that when he entered the world of television, his first manager cheated him in the worst way, since he received the same salary as the one he earned on his last show, but he only They deposited 4,000 soles. Said bad negotiation came to light because he found out that the television producer Peter Fajardo wanted to pull him into his space, but his representative lied to him to get to him. From there he connected the dots and discovered the truth.

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Why did Duilio Vallebuona agree to join “Combate”?

Many of the reality boys have earned a place on competition shows by being qualified athletes for the great physical prowess that this means. That is the case of Duilio Vallebuona who has worked in the world of tennis from a very young age, which was the reason why he did not plan to enter television. This is how he told it in the same conversation he had with Fabianne Hayashida and Mario Irivarren, the first thing he did before entering the world of reality shows: “It was crazy because they called me from ‘This is war’ before, but I played professional tennis It all started when I retired and decided to settle in Peru. That’s where I started modeling events and from there Marisol Crousillat called me to tell me that they were releasing ‘Reto de campeones’.”

In addition, he clarified that he had not accepted because he considered that the environment was “farandulero”. However, when they told him a condition, he accepted: “They told me that only high-performance professional athletes are going to enter. There was a meeting and I was one of the first to arrive early and out of nowhere I see ‘China’ arrive” (Fabianne Hayashida) all happy and I say ‘no, what have I gotten myself into'”. The format was only on the air for three months and at the end Peter Fajarlo called him to tell him that he wanted it for “Esto es guerra”.

Diulio Vallebuona’s first season on América Televisión lasted from August to December. After leaving, he was called up for the summer season of the following year, but he was not called up after that. It is like this: “In April or May Kathy (Sáenz) calls me to do ‘Combate’… I entered when Gian Piero and Renzo Schuller returned to the program. I stayed there until it ended and until I came out as a better fighter in the last season”.