How much did each song that Marc Anthony sang in the DR cost?

12 was the number of songs sung by Mark Anthony in his reunion with the Dominican public. An amount that is not very far from those performed by the artist on other stages, where he has presented his living tour. However, the public was left wanting more.

After three years of absence, the American salsero of Puerto Rican origin appeared this Thursday in an Olympic Stadium that was not used to capacity, singing only part of his extensive discography.

Around 10 p.m., dressed completely in black and with his usual black glasses, Mark Anthony He went on stage causing the euphoria of those present who wait for his appearance for seconds.

At 11:10 p.m. Marc said goodbye and those present cheered as he returned to the stage singing some of his songs such as “Vivir mi vida”.

How much did each song cost?

Special Guest A3, A4, A5 (Row A – F), with tickets at RD$31,000 paid RD$2,583 per song

Special Guest A3, A4, A5 (Row G – S), with tickets at RD$26,000 paid RD$2,166 per song

Special Guest A2, A6, with tickets at RD$21,500 paid RD$1,791 per song

Special Guest A1, A7, with tickets at RD$17,500 paid RD$1,458 per song

VIP B1 – B7, with tickets at RD$11,500 paid RD$958 per song

VIP C1 – C8, with tickets RD$8,000 paid RD$666 per song

VIP C9 – C16, with tickets at RD$RD$5,800 paid RD$483 per song

Stands, with tickets at RD$3,000 paid RD$250 per song