How much did the luxurious pool party of the eldest son of Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi cost?

On Saturday, March 17, the married couple celebrated the 9th birthday of their eldest son Liam, with a spectacular ‘pool party‘, where his friends and family attended, among them ale venturothe couple of the ‘Cat’ Cuba, with her eldest daughter Aria.

Through her Instagram account, the “former lioness” shared photos and videos of how the party for the eldest heir was decorated, which was decorated with blue, light blue and yellow balloons.

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How much is a decoration like Liam’s costing?

The party was decorated with a large table of snacks and a personalized three-tiered cake. What caused the most curiosity was that the theme was dog memes. Likewise, on little Liam’s birthday, an inevitable castle was installed so that his colleagues, friends and family can have fun as well as play games in the pool.

Among the sweets and desserts, there were handmade palettes of different flavors. Each one of them would be costing approximately from s/8 soles each.

Sweets between mini alfajores, brownie bites, blondie bites, chocolate truffles, mini cookies and more, the pack of 200 units is costing s/310.

Snack carts, inevitable in a children’s show, would cost between s/220 and s/330 each cart, offering only 50 units of a salty product.
That is, if there are 100 units, it would cost between s/270 and s/510 including the staff that will deliver each product.

At Liam’s party there were 5 snack cars where there were sandwiches, mini hamburgers, pop corn, mini sausages and ice cream, for a total of s/2550 if there were 100 units of snacks per cart.

It should be noted that if you want to add the balloon arch in each cart it would be s/50, and the price varies, costing up to s/2800

Jumping beds, the price of each rental is from s/250, depending on how much capacity. For example, if it is only a small meeting where a maximum of 5 minors enter the bed, they would jump, it would be one 3 meters high and 3 meters wide, costing from s/250 to s/450 soles.

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Message from Natalie Vértiz on her Instagram account

Natalie Vértiz dedicated a tender message to her son Liam on his 9th birthday. “Happy day my love! 9 years my precious king, since you came into our lives, 9 years that we love you without measure, 9 years since my heart beats a thousand for you. 9 years since I became a mom thanks to you, the best thing that happened to me in life. Thank you my beautiful child for all your love, affection and above all that precious energy! Every time I see you, you light up my soul, may God always bless you my Liam, you are pure light, KEEP SHINING (keep shining)”, expressed the model.