How much does Alexis Descalzo charge for his content on OnlyFans?

There is an audience for everyone. Since the urban singer Alexis Descalzo decided to venture into adult content platformOnlyFans, his income has been increasing to the point of becoming one of the Peruvian models with the most followersthanking the support of his followers to stay current.

In its instagram account, the model has a reach of 259,000 followers who support him in his musical content, his videos with urban outfits and also in those that he goes out with little clothing, highlighting that at almost 30 years old, he maintains a good physical condition. How much do you charge to access your adult content? We tell you, here.

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How much does Alexis Descalzo charge for his OnlyFans subscription?

To access the explicit content of the urban singer, a monthly subscription of 20 dollars must be paid and that price gives you full access to its entire content in which it is explicitly listed. It should be noted that he has more than 2 thousand followers on his profile.

about your earnings, the model He clarified that his earnings are not net: “But the page takes 20% and it must be clear that a man is never going to earn more than a woman because our audience is more sectored,” he said in an interview.

He interpreter of “Bread, bread for women” He confessed that he was able to notice that his followers were from foreign countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, since few citizens of Peru, especially women, have dared to subscribe to his profile.

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What kind of content does Alexis Descalzo share on OnlyFans?

In an interview with a local newspaper, barefoot alexis He explained how his content has evolved on the adult platform, but it has some restrictions so as not to exceed the limit and make it seem somewhat vulgar.

“It was quite a process, the first year my content was calm, the second year it showed a little more. Now it came to the nude but quite careful and professional. I sell sensuality in my photos and I’ve done quite well,” he explained. the artist.

Besides, the model He clarified that he respects his followers and that is why he offers quality content: “I don’t do porn with another person, I only go out in a plan that is not calm, but neither is it grotesque because I take great care of my image,” he said.

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What is Alexis Descalzo’s audience on OnlyFans?

The model clarified that his content on the content platform is not specifically aimed at the female audience because most of his followers identify with another gender, but it is not a problem for him.

“My community is mostly LGBT. It is very difficult for a heterosexual woman to consume you because she is embarrassed or due to other factors. My OnlyFans is directed at men, I would love it to be directed at women because I am heterosexual, but that is the least of it, I am happy with the money that is generated, ”she said.