How much does Leslie Shaw get paid on OnlyFans to show off her feet? [VIDEO]

All for a few feet! In the program “D’Tomorrow”the singer Leslie Shaw was sent with a big confession about the large sum she receives for showing his feet on the famous platform OnlyFans, from adult content. Do you want to know how much the blonde earns? Here, we tell you the details.

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How much does Leslie Shaw get paid on OnlyFans?

In her interview with “D’ Mañana”, the singer Leslie Shaw confessed to drivers that he is charging $30 to show a photo of his feet on the adult content platform onlyfansnews that did not surprise those present, as they are aware that there is a large community of fetishists.

“My feet are beautiful, I have to show them, I even get a pedicure”, commented the blonde, Leslie Shaw. It should be noted that the subscription to the singer’s monthly content costs $17, selling photos of her feet through messages that make her her followers on the platform. onlyfans.

However, the detail that was surprising is that he would have earned up to 10 thousand dollars for his content on the platform. In addition, the blonde said that she would not record a video with her partner, as the well-known creators of adult content do, Xoana González and Fátima Segovia.

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How many followers does Leslie Shaw have on OnlyFans?

Nobody expected the Peruvian singer to decide to enter the platform onlyfansbut since he dared to upload unpublished adult content, he has managed to reach more than 10,000 subscribers, which, although not enough to achieve the success of “The Chuecona”remains above other Peruvians.

Its content includes 205 photographs and 22 videos for which he would charge 17 dollars a month, reaching 4 thousand dollars a month, although at the time, Leslie Shaw He explained that some months were not so good and he was not able to earn that amount.