How much would it cost a Peruvian to travel to the Qatar World Cup 2022?

The Peruvian team is about to qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but at the end of 2021 there are already 13 countries that have secured their tickets to be in the World Cup. However, not only the footballers will be the ones who travel to the Middle East because there will be a large number of fans who will drop everything to cheer on their teams.

On the last FIFA date of the year, nine more countries qualified. Qatar already has its fixed site, because it is the headquarters of the World Cup; Germany and Denmark, who qualified last October, were also joined by Brazil, Argentina, France, Belgium, Croatia, the Netherlands, Serbia, Spain, England and Switzerland.

Qatar World Cup 2022: how much do tickets, accommodation, food and transfers cost

In the tickets it is valid to mention that there are no direct flights from Lima to Doha, so you will have to select stopovers to access the ticket, depending on the company you want to hire.

Tickets from Peru to Qatar

The approximate price of a ticket from Peru to Qatar is between 2,700 and 2,300 dollars (10,800 to 9,250 soles), in a simulation of a one-month trip. You cannot yet buy tickets for the date of the World Cup, but once it starts, the price will surely increase more.

Accommodation in Qatar

It is understood that accommodation in Doha will depend on the hotel, whether it is a luxury one or not. In Qatar, high-end hotels are the ones that prevail, but there are also some more affordable places in the area.

If your idea is to stay in a hotel that is not so luxurious, you can find rooms between 40 and 50 dollars, which would be in 206 and 160 soles. What is important to mention is also the convenience of transportation in Qatar.

Qatar Restaurants

If your idea is not to spend too much already being in Qatar, you can find a dinner in Qatar for two people a price between 40 or 50 dollars. You can also go to cheaper places such as meals on public roads.