How old is Ana Lucía Urbina and how many years apart is her ex-partner Edwin Guerrero?

Corazón Serrano has been the love nest of several couples and one of them is the one made up of Ana Lucía Urbina and Edwin Guerrero, one of the owners of the Piura groupwho gave a lot to talk about due to the great difference in their ages.

In this article from El Popular we will tell you how old the cumbia singer and her boss until now are and how many years they have been together. Will it be much of a difference?

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How old is Ana Lucia Urbina?

Ana Lucia Urbina He would have or would be about to turn 26 years old, because when he participated in La Voz Perú, eight years ago, he was 18. Let’s remember that at that time he auditioned with his twin sister Ana Claudia Urbina.

Her stay in the singing reality put her in the eye of the owners of serrano heartso they did not hesitate to contact her and after a series of tests, she and her sister were chosen as the new members of the group.

Unfortunately, some time later Ana Claudia had to withdraw from the group since she became pregnant, but Ana Lucia He continued in their ranks and later it was revealed that he had started a relationship with Edwin Guerrero.

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How old is Edwin Guerrero and how many years apart is Ana Lucía Urbina?

Edwin Guerrero She would be approximately 42 years old, so with this information we can detail that Ana Lucía is 16 years older, since the singer is approximately 26 years old.

Let’s remember that their relationship became known in 2017, after the businessman’s mother mistakenly revealed that they were both in a relationship, so they had no choice but to publicly confirm that they were together.

Edwin confessed that during the years he was with Ana Lucia He was involved in some misunderstandings, as some members of Corazón Serrano believed that he had preferences with his then partner.

“In the time of my relationship with Ana Lucia, I tried not to give them many songs so they don’t take it the wrong way. I have always given them the songs (in a) even way. There will always be people (or the same colleagues) who will say that there are preferences. It’s inevitable,” the group’s owner told Carlos Orozco.

Edwin Guerrero, one of the owners of Corazón Serrano. Photo: Instagram

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How are Ana Lucía Urbina and Edwin Guerrero currently getting along?

Ana Lucia Urbina and Edwin Guerrero They ended their relationship in 2021, but both made it clear that their separation was on good terms and they have deep respect for each other as co-workers.

“For those who ask me, I ended my relationship several weeks ago. I’m happy, with that person we have a lot of affection, we respect each other and we are co-workers,” the singer mentioned on her social networks, as her followers constantly asked about her situation sentimental.

Ana Lucia Urbina and Edwin Guerrero. Photo: Instagram