How old is Flor Polo and how many years apart is she with her boyfriend Luiggi Yarasca?

A few months ago, Flor Polo Díaz announced her current partner, Luiggi Yarasca, whom he met during an activation. In this way, she opens a new opportunity in love after divorcing Néstor Villanueva, father of her two youngest children, to whom she even recently decided to “omit” the surname of her parent in A program. In this note we will tell you the age of Susy Díaz’s daughter and what is the difference she has with Luiggi Yarascawho does not belong to the world of peruvian television or the show.

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How old is Luiggi Yarasca and Flor Polo?

Luiggi Jesus Yarasca Martinez She is 33 years old and Flor Polo is 37, since she was born on February 11, 1986, so the daughter of susy diaz with Augusto Polo Campos He is four years older than his partner. The truth is that this does not seem to be a problem for Flor, who assured that she is very much in love with her and that it was time to rebuild her life.

“God sent me a wonderful man into my life and I’m happy, I can’t hide it. Also, you’ve already seen the pictures and I’m not going to say that I’m single when I’m not. I understood that not all (men) are the same. I’m going through a beautiful stage in my life and that’s what’s important. It’s that he came into my life at the least expected moment,” he said.

Who is the new couple of Flor Polo?

the current boyfriend of flower pole He is an entrepreneur and he met her at an activation, since she is an event host. In the first months of their relationship, there were only rumors when they were seen together, but Polo Díaz decided to go public because he took care of him a little from the cameras, not being a character that belongs to his world.

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“He is a wonderful person, very good, attentive, I know his family and they love me, what more can I ask for. He is a very hard-working person, he likes to get ahead and he loves me very much. He supports me and is always with me, not just in the good times, also in the bad and that is what you look for in a couple”. On the other hand, Luiggi He still does not know the children that Flor Polo had in his previous marriage, Hadrian and stefano.