How old is Gino Assereto, and how many years apart is he from his Chevy partner?

Reality boy Gino Assereto was suspended from This is war after the racist comment he made to his Chevy partner, during the broadcast of the program.

Due to this situation, many have begun to ask some information about the Warriorsso in this article from El Popular we will tell you what their ages are and how many years they are.

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How old is Gino Assereto?

Gino Assereto He was born on April 5, 1985, so he is currently 38 years old. The popular ‘Shark’ became known nationally thanks to his time on EEG, but one of his greatest passions is music and whenever he can, he shares with his followers some songs that he interprets. .

It should be noted that gino shows some of his songs composed and performed by him since the beginning of the year, for which reason it began to be suspected that he would start a musical career.

“Thank you for everything perfect that you made me live in 2022. I always tell you that I am a walker of life in search of success, which for me means full happiness and inner peace, which is why we are in this world. I love my process “, reads the description of the publication of the first video that he shared with his followers.

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How old is Chevy and how many years apart is he from Gino?

the fighter chevy is 26 years old, so with this information we can know that his coworker Gino Assereto is older by 12 years.

Let’s remember that the real name of the new competitor of EEG is Yojhan Escamilo Cartagenawho before entering reality was linked to Michelle Soifer, as he was caught on several occasions entering the singer’s apartment.

However, the former reality girl made it clear that there was no love relationship between the two and assured that they were only co-workers, since she belonged to her dance cast.

chevy He planned to be a professional soccer player and was even part of the Sporting Cristal youth team and was a reserve for Alianza Lima. In addition, he did a microcycle with the Peruvian youth soccer team.

Yojhan Escamilo Cartagena, better known as Chevy. Photo: Diffusion

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Did Gino Assereto apologize to Chevy after racist comment?

Gino Assereto decided to apologize publicly to chevy after the racist comment he made to him during the broadcast of the reality program. In addition, he assured that he felt sorry for his words.

“There is no justification for the stupidity that I committed. I feel ashamed, I made a mistake that I did not measure. After two seconds I realized, I approached chevy and apologized for the case. I feel sorry for that, I didn’t have a bad intention. It was a mistake that I promise will not happen again,” said the warrior.