How old is Macs Cayo and how many years apart is he from his wife Fiorella Giampietri?

Although Macs Cayo’s family is one of the most recognized in our country, he achieved great popularity when he was part of the cast of the competition reality show “Combate”, it was there that with his personality and occurrences in the atv program He won the affection of the public. By then the dancer already had a loving relationship with Fiorella Giampietri and in a recent interview on the podcast “COM FM” He confessed some details about his marriage.

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Macs Cayo: How many years apart are you with your wife?

Although the former member of the green team is away from the small screen, he visited the set of the Mario Irivarren and Fabianne Hayashida podcast to reveal everything about his time in the competition program, so the artist commented on the amount he was paid when he started in the first season of the reality show, leaving everyone surprised as many assumed that the professional dancer He was one of the best paid for what his family is one of the famous in Peru.

Secondly, irivarren He remembered that when he met the artisthe was already in a relationship with his wife today and confessed that at that time she was younger, so the model commented that he was at the stage where he wanted to be with Fiorella, so he decided to wait for her, since her parents did not accept the romance due to the difference in age. In this way, the former reality boy commented that he is currently 37 years old and his wife was about to turn 29, so they are 8 years apart in age.

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How did Macs Cayo and Fiorella Giampietri meet?

Also in the podcast “COM FM” The popular “China” decided to give some other details about the romance of Macs Cayo and Fiorella Giampietrisince she is a close friend of the wife of Macs since they were very young, it was so that she revealed that they both studied at the Cayo family’s dance school, and that was where the love between the model and today was born influencer.

She also commented that because she is a close friend of giampietri She considers that the relationship they have is one of the most beautiful and stable she has ever seen, revealing between laughs that she remembers when the influencer wrote love letters to her. macs. In this way, it is that the national artist He confessed that the love he has with his wife is a pure love.

It is worth mentioning that the popular couple got married in December 2021 and had an intimate and elegant ceremony, it was also learned that the party was held at the Marina Club.

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Who is Fiorella Giampietri?

Fiorella Giampietri She is a trained communicator from the University of Lima with a bachelor’s degree and during her career she has dedicated herself to the creation of digital content and public relations according to her profile on Linkedin, working in companies such as BHT Hotel Boutique Concept, Dance Studio Peru and Key Account Manager at Rappi. Also, she is a popular influencer as she has over 80,000 followers on her official Instagram account.