How the Qatar 2022 Qualifying table is going: meet the countries that lead it

On a day like today but next year (November 21), the Qatar 2022 World Cup will begin, the most important sporting event that the planet will experience, in which there are already 13 countries that have ensured their presence and 19 teams that will leave the soul , until next March, to be part of the World Cup party.

On November 21, 2022, the first match of the World Cup will begin, but first know how the table of positions of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers goes on the continents.

Qualifying Qatar 2022 – Conmebol

As is known, in South America there are 10 countries that belong to the attached body of Conmebol, so FIFA gives it four direct quotas and the fifth goes to the playoffs or play-offs.

In that sense, Brazil and Argentina are already classified in the absence of four games to play; Only two more teams will enter directly and one (fifth) will seek to play the extra game.

Qatar 2022 Qualifiers – UEFA

The Qatar 2022 qualifying for Europe they finished and they met more classified to the World Cup. Also, next year there will be a definition among those who reached the repechage to find out who will join the World Cup event or watch it on TV.

It is worth mentioning that in Europe the format is as follows: there are 10 groups (from A to J) in which only those who occupy the first place of each bracket reach the World Cup and the second ones enter the repechage.

Group APoints
Serbia20 points
Portugal17 points
Ireland9 points
Luxembourg9 points
Azerbaijan1 point
  • Through: Serbia. Repechage: Portugal.
B GroupPoints
Spain19 points
Sweden15 points
Greece10 points
Georgia7 points
Kosovo5 points
  • Qualified: Spain. Repechage: Sweden.
Group CPoints
Switzerland18 points
Italy16 points
North Ireland9 points
Bulgaria8 points
Lithuania3 points
  • Qualified: Switzerland. Repechage: Italy.
Group DPoints
France18 points
Ukraine12 points
Finland11 points
Bosnia and Herzegovina7 points
Kazakhstan3 points
  • Qualified: France. Repechage: Ukraine.
Group EPoints
Belgium20 points
Welsh15 points
Czech Republic14 points
Estonia4 points
Belarus3 points
  • Qualified: Belgium. Repechage: Wales.
Group FPoints
Denmark27 points
Scotland23 points
Israel16 points
Austria16 points
Faroe Islands4 points
Moldova1 point
  • Qualified: Denmark. Repechage: Scotland.
Group FPoints
Netherlands23 points
Turkey21 points
Norway18 points
Montenegro12 points
Latvia9 points
Gibraltar0 points
  • Qualified: Netherlands. Repechage: Turkey.
Group GPoints
Croatia23 points
Russia22 points
Slovakia14 points
Slovenia14 points
Cyprus5 points
malt5 points
  • Qualified: Croatia. Repechage: Russia.
Group HPoints
England26 points
Poland20 points
Albania18 points
Hungary17 points
Andorra6 points
San Marino0 points
  • Qualified: England. Repechage: Poland.
Group IPoints
Germany27 points
North macedonia18 points
Romania17 points
Armenia12 points
Iceland9 points
Liechtenstein1 point
  • Qualified: Germany. Repechage: North Macedonia.

Qualifying Qatar 2022 – Concacaf

In the Concacaf a different format is disputed to Conmebol and UEFA, because the countries classify in rounds until they reach the “final round”, in which only eight teams arrive. Only three of the eight nations will Qatar 2022.

Final roundPoints
Canada16 points
USA15 points
Mexico14 points
Panama14 points
Costa Rica9 points
Jamaica7 points
The Savior6 points
Honduras3 points
  • There are six dates left to finish the qualification process.

Qualifying Qatar 2022 – Africa

In Africa you suffer a lot to go to Qatar 2022 World Cup, because there are 54 countries that fight each other to enter the top five and go to the World Cup. The African Football Confederation (CAF) has three preliminary rounds to later define the qualifiers. Here are the ten countries that qualified for the last round, who will then face each other to have the five combined in Qatar.

DR Congo
  • Of the 10 countries, only five will go to the World Cup.

Qualifying Qatar 2022 – Asia

On the Asian continent, countries have to play three rounds before qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, in which only four will go directly to the World Cup and the fifth will play the repechage.