How to beat cancer? Jennifer Silvera shares her story

Between plans Jennifer silvera He was never published a book, least of all one in which he exposed his own life. But in mid-2020, in full quarantine, the Panamanian journalist He decided to put aside his reservations and tell his story.

It had been almost seven years since she had overcome cancer and the communicator understood that her testimony could edify others.

In three weeks he wrote “How to beat cancer. Romans 16.20 “, a 45-page book with a simple style, in which she recounts what she went through in 2013 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

On the afternoon of September 3 of that year, in the midst of her efforts as regional communications manager for a transnational company, she received a call from her oncologist surgeon, who confirmed that a tumor that had been removed from her right breast days ago was malignant.

“My whole life was falling apart,” he acknowledges in his book.

What Silvera, then 41 years old, did not know was that a new life would begin for her as a result of that diagnosis.

The illness led her to surrender her heart to God.

“I loved God, but I didn’t really know him,” admits the corporate communication specialist who, despite having a Christian mother and sister, was never attracted to ecclesial life.

From the moment of his conversion, Silvera put aside his self-sufficient character and learned to walk by faith, not by sight.

He placed each stage of the treatment in divine hands and, one after another, his prayers received the desired answer.

Doctors confirmed that the cancer cells had not spread to his nodes. The peace that passes all understanding was preserved when he decided to undergo a mastectomy. And on November 6, 2013 he received the best news: was cancer free and would not need chemotherapy.

Barely two months had passed since her diagnosis and God granted her one of her greatest wishes, which was to be able to tell her relatives during a family celebration in November that she was healthy.

A separate chapter deserves the new friends she gained in the process and who, like those who carried a paralytic on her bed to Jesus, led her to the Lord in search of healing for her body and soul.

The chain of little miracles doesn’t stop there. Six months after the mastectomy, she was able to undergo a breast reconstruction, an expensive procedure for which heaven provided the resources.

Plus, her annual checkups are going so well that her doctor calls her his “star patient.”

Silvera understands that not all cancer patients will have a testimony like his, but he wanted to put his story in writing with the hope that others will come to know that God that many celebrate at Easter and Christmas even without knowing him.

“All the processes are different; What is certain is that with Him we are going to win, ”he says. “God not only healed me from cancer, He also restored my life.”


Jennifer Silvera is a journalist and specialist in corporate communication. He has more than 20 years of experience in public relations. For 15 years he collaborated for the magazine Ellas of the Panama newspaper La Prensa.

His testimony, published under the title “How to beat cancer. Romans 16.20 ”and available at Amazon, does not seek to reach only cancer patients, but to anyone who goes through a situation that is beyond their control or who feels a void in their life.