How to charge your phone’s battery without a charger: 5 alternatives you need to know

The mobile phones have become part of our life and routine due to the endless functions that allows each user, from communication, study, work and our entertainment. That said, it is essential to carry our cell phone with the full batery or with a considerable load to be able to use it during the day. But what happens when we do not have a charger available and there is no contacts nearby that they can lend us one?

A lots of users they usually buy one backup charger in case such a situation happens, or they resort to buying cheaper versions or pirates that do not guarantee a stable load. Therefore, in this note we will let you know other alternatives that exist to be able to keep the battery of our phone.

Without the need for a cable and even without having a plug where we are, These five options replace the charger and allow you to keep your cell phone on:

The USB cables with whom each comes mobile They can be used and connected to a computer, laptop or also to a certain console that has the respective type of input, to be able to charge our mobile equipment. There are even cars that have access to these cables USB data so it will be enough to have our car turned on to power the system of the device.

In the time when Pokemon go was a worldwide sensation, this device was one of the most requested by users, as it allowed to recharge the battery of our cell phones at any time and in whatever space. It should be noted that, in addition, there are recent versions of mobile phones that have incorporated a wireless standard for any loading station such as the iPhone 8 and the latest generation smartphones.

Another good option may be the renewable energy through a solar charger since you only need a good light input coming from the sun to solve battery issues. This alternative is indeterminate, since the charge of your cell phone will increase depending on how sunny the day is.

Currently, there are luggage options that include a portable battery to charge cell phones without the need for additional chargers or a plug to connect. Such is the case of backpacks with mobile technology support which are a good alternative if we go on a trip to areas without nearby towns.

Interestingly, the own cell phones can be charged on their own since the developers have created several Applications that allow the user to charge their cell phone battery through, for example, the vibration of the mobile constant shaking of the team among other options.