How to create a Gmail email without a phone number?

The best way to communicate or receive important messages is through email and Gmail is the most required service today. Despite the number of messages and notifications from other social networks that fill the inbox, having this account is essential to open one on Twitter or YouTube. But, before that, you must have your cell phone number so that it can be synced when you sign in on another device. Here we tell you how to do it without it.

How to create a Gmail account without having a phone number?

When you first create a Gmail account, Google it does not force you to enter a mobile phone number. However, the second time it did because of the anti-spammer security protocol. There are these ways to do it without having this nine-digit number.

  • Use a proxy: Thanks to this service, we hide our IP address and we can create another account gmail. You just have to make sure that the proxy allows you to choose an IP from your country, but you run the risk of Google constantly asking you to verify when it notices that you use two different IP addresses.
  • Use another: this solution is simpler. You just have to enter, log in with an existing user, close it, and go back to Even if it offers you to enter the one you own, click on “Use another account”. Immediately, the creation form will appear. Fill in all the data, but in the mobile phone box, just make sure to put the prefix of your country.

How to create multiple Gmail accounts at once?

In this way, you can create infinite accounts of gmail if you need it to create users or records in tools or applications. This can be done with the “+” sign and as follows:

How to delete accounts linked to my cell phone number?

  • Enter any app Google in which you linked an account with yours
  • In Settings, select the option ‘Associated accounts, linked accounts or apps’
  • Find the account you want to unlink from your Google Account
  • Next to them select ‘Remove or Unlink’.

How to create an email account on mobile?

These are the steps you must follow to open an account gmailfrom an Android:

  1. Opens gmail
  2. Click on ‘Add account’ in the upper right corner
  3. Choose the service provider
  4. Click on ‘Create account’
  5. Follow the instructions to choose a free email address
  6. Fill in the requested information
  7. Enter the password and press ‘Next’.

On the other hand, for an iPhone it is given as follows:

  1. Enter ‘Settings’
  2. Go down to the options Email
  3. In the Accounts menu, select ‘Add accounts’
  4. Choose the service provider and press ‘Create account’
  5. Follow the same Android instructions to create the password.