How to create an invisible folder on your computer to keep your private files?

Create one file in you computer it is something very simple; however, very few Windows users know that there is a trick for that file to become invisible. In this way, only you will know its location and the private documents it contains (they can be photos, videos, music, among others). Would you like to learn it? We are going to teach you.

Before revealing the steps to have your folder invisible, it is good to detail that it will not be necessary to install any unknown software on your PC or laptop. Likewise, it should be noted that this method is used for several versions of Windows That is, you can use it even if your computer has Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 or even Windows 7.

1. First you must choose the location. It can be on your desktop, drive C or D, or another more complex path.

2. When you have chosen the place, you will have to create a common folder.

3. Select the folder and press F2 to rename it.

4. Press the combination of Alt + 0160 keys. You will see that the folder no longer has a name.

1. Right click on the unnamed folder and choose the option Purposes.

2. A window will appear that has five tabs (General, Sharing, Security, Previous Versions and Personalize).

3. You will have to choose the last one and you will see the option to change icon.

4. The icons available on your PC will appear. Find an empty one and hit accept.

That would be all. The folder will be completely gone and only you will know where you hid it. You can use it to save your private documents, but keep in mind that it will only be invisible, it will not have a password.