How to download the best Christmas stickers for WhatsApp?

Download and share christmas stickers in WhatsApp It is something that many want to do every December to show all the joy, affection and brotherhood of the holidays with their contacts in different conversations. Do you want to know how to do it? Here we share the best options for iPhone and Android.

Lately, stickers have become one of the most popular ways to express your emotions in conversation, such as laughter that brings us a fun moment or simply a warm greeting.

Christmas could not be oblivious to these funny images, and that is why many packages of stickers allusive to the holidays have appeared that you can download as an application (or uninstall once this holiday has passed).

Next, we show you five of the best applications to download Christmas sticker packages that you can use in your WhatsApp messages either from an iPhone or from an Android smartphone.

This free application is very easy to use and contains 39 packages of stickers with Christmas themes: Santa Claus, snowmen, Christmas food and much more. To add them, you just have to press the plus sign (+) that appears on the side of each list. It is available on the Google Play Store.

Another very simple to use application that you can find in the Google Play Store. Contains hundreds of stickers of Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, emojis and other allusive to the holidays. To add them, you just have to press the green button add to WhatsApp. You can also share them on Telegram, Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps.

In this application you can choose the most diverse Christmas stickers: realistic, cute and even messages in English. You just have to select the one you like the most and then press the download button (the down arrow). You can share them on WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. Find this app in the Google Play Store.

If you want to download Christmas stickers for WhatsApp on iPhone, this application is one of the best options. It is totally free and offers up to 240 animoji stickers that you can copy and paste for WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage and others. You can find it in the App Store.

Another alternative that will fascinate iPhone users. It has several lists of Christmas and New Year stickers with simple or elaborate designs, which you can add to WhatsApp with the blue button. You can also use them in iMessage. Find this app on the App Store.

If what you want is create your own WhatsApp stickers custom from Christmas You can go to WhatsApp Web and follow these steps: