How to find out with your phone if you talk or make noises when you sleep and you think it’s not like that?

There are many people around the world who when sleeping have various behavior patterns. For example, there are those who snore or speak, but these behaviors can be annoying if you live with someone else. In this sense, if at any time you have been told that you talk when you sleep and you believe that it is a lie, you should know that it is possible to clear up any doubt thanks to a free tool for your phone. How to find out? Here we teach you.

the app Sleep Tracker – Sleep Recorder, Among its multiple functions, it will allow you to select whether you want help with sleep monitoring, to fall asleep faster, get a better quality of rest, regulate your life or relax.

The platform is responsible for analyzing your sleep so you know how you behave when you sleep. As such, you must set the hours that you rest and the service will record the audio of your activity in that period. At the end, they will show you an audio in which you can confirm if you say something while you are asleep and you will appreciate what are the decibels that you recorded in that period.

If you use the feature for several days, statistics will be compiled for how many hours in total you slept soundly or were interrupted. In this way, you will know if your break spaces are healthy or not.

Additionally, you can take advantage of its options to help you sleep and relax. They offer you a gallery with relaxing sounds, with specialized soundtracks for it. Also, if you would like to wake up in a better mood, it will be possible to set an alarm that will wake you up gradually and not with a fright.