How to find out with your phone what song you are listening to if you don’t know what it is?

It is very likely that, when you were on the street, you have heard a song that you liked or that you think you know from somewhere. However, you are not able to remember the letter, the author or how it is titled and you get frustrated For those kinds of situations, you should know that your smartphone can help you, because thanks to some apps that are at your fingertips, you can identify it in seconds. How to do it? We teach you.

Among the tools that you can use, you will find some from Google and another developed by third parties. However, they are all reliable and deliver results quickly. Also, just You will need your mobile device and have an internet connection.

the google widget

When a song is playing, open the service, press the microphone button and tap on “search song”. In this way, the recognition system will show you the name of the song and the author of the song as a browser search.

Google Assistant

If you have voice assistant activated, say “Ok Google tell me what song is playing” and the tool will record the title of the song, the artist, the beginning of the lyrics and other related search options. In addition, it will allow you to add the song to a playlist on YouTube Music.


The third-party app specializes in song recognition. It is only necessary to open it and Shazam will search for the song you are listening to to give you the closest answer.