How to fix the ‘application has stopped’ error appearing on your phone?

Although modern mobiles integrate increasingly advanced technology, they are not exempt from certain problems. In that sense, one of the most frustrating errors for smartphone users is when the message of ‘The application has stopped’ on the screen. Thus, it is necessary to know what we can do before this situation in order to solve it.

While a factory error can cause applications to quit unexpectedly in the phones This problem can also be due to the fact that the amount of memory that we are using in the device is too high, among other reasons.

Before applying advanced solutions on our phone, we can carry out three simple methods that will help us fix the aforementioned error, these are: restart the mobile, empty the memory or look for a system update. If none of them work, we can do what we explain below.

One of the most common methods to solve the error of the app that has stopped is to delete the cache of the application, since we will be able to restart the app completely. To do so, we must follow these steps:

On some occasions, the failure of the application has stopped it may be due to a recent update. For this reason, one of the first steps we must follow is to return to the previous version. Follow these instructions to do it:

There are times when an installation is not carried out correctly and this causes the application software to stop, so it is recommended to reinstall it to fix the error. The procedure is simple: delete the app and go to the Google Play Store to install it again.