How to follow the Qatar 2022 matches through YouTube for free and legally?

The Qatar 2022 World Cup can not only be enjoyed through the official channels that have the broadcast rights, but YouTube also offers us various ways to follow all the matches of the most important soccer tournament without going against the law and the FIFA authorization. According to the CEO of Google Peru, Edgardo Frias One of the main trends on the video platform are the narrations of the matches of the national teams that play the world Cup.

In conversation with The Republic, Edgardo Frias comment that we can follow the World Cup Qatar 2022 through summaries on the channels that have the rights to broadcast the goals, but we also have the option offered by the creators who make content around what is happening in the national team tournament.

“On YouTube we can find the ‘B’ side of the World Cup and another is the official content, since television channels are taking advantage of the platform to have a greater reach than what live broadcasts allow,” said the CEO of Google Peru.

As he explains himself Google content creators can narrate the Qatar 2022 World Cup matches. Although they cannot broadcast official images of the Qatar 2022 matches, what “you can narrate and share as you live, that is something that is complementing the offer what is there today.”

“The World Cup is seen, but it is also heard and it is incredible that content creators and users find on YouTube the platform to share this experience,” said Edgardo Frías, executive of the Mountain View company.

In this sense, all soccer fans can follow all the incidents and minute by minute of the World Cup matches. Qatar 2022 through the official channels of La República (LR+) and Líbero TV.