How to free up storage space on your phone without deleting apps, photos or videos?

Nowadays, it is normal that there are millions of users of smartphones who use their equipment for multiple activities. Thus, when installing an app, it is common for it to end up occupying more storage space than established due to the so-called cache. What do these consist of? Temporary files And when should you remove them? In this note, we tell you.

This is a type of temporary or residual file that is present in modern phones. In short, it serves to speed up the operation of the apps by avoiding the constant download of new elements and data necessary when using a digital platform.

Over the months, the cache can occupy several gigabytes of storage and therefore it’s a good idea to delete them, especially if you’re low on space and don’t want to get rid of an important app, photo, or video.

How to clear the cache of your apps?

If you have an Android device, you can clear the cache of each app if you go to Settings > Applications > Storage.

You can execute the action when you choose each app and when you click on clear cache all temporary files will be deleted. It is important that you be careful touching Clear data, because it will affect your account information and more sensitive data.

The only drawback to this practice is that you have to repeat the process for each installed service and it does not guarantee that they will reappear. In any case, it is a great temporary solution if you lack space to create content or install more applications.

In the case of iPhone, you will not find the option to Clear cache, but to delete all data, which has the same function, but you will have to insert your account again and it can be a tedious process.