How to hide the network of your home Wi-Fi router so that no one tries to access it without your permission?

To date, there are millions of households around the world that access Internet through a wifi router. However, it can happen that for some reason there are third parties that manage to enter your network despite the fact that you constantly change the password. whatyou want to hide it from the list of available connections of any device? In this note we explain the step by step that you can apply.

Although there are applications that you can install to fulfill the purpose, the truth is that it is possible hide your wifi just by making adjustments to your router settings.

How to hide Wi-Fi network?

Go to the Settings of your router, the section in which you will be allowed to modify the values ​​of the internet connection. To do this, you can copy and paste “” into the browser’s search bar or refer to the manual.

Once you log in, enter the user and password It will depend on the operator you have contracted (get in touch with them).

After, you must make changes to the SSID: The name of the network you see when you want to connect. However, what interests you is to hide itso you will have to go to Settings and then to the “Wireless Network” section.

After that, click on SSID Settings and check the box Hide/Hide SSID. And voila, that will be all. Do not forget to write down the exact name of your network and its password, since if you are interested in connecting or getting guests to access it, it will be mandatory to enter the characters without making a mistake, because it will disappear from the list of available networks.