How to install apps on your Android TV from your smartphone?

Although Google already allows you to install applications on Android TV directly from your smartphone, not all users know exactly how to do it. However, here we can show you the fastest way to achieve it so that you can enjoy all the interesting functions of the company’s operating system.

Once you go through the process that we will explain in the lines below, you will no longer need to use the remote control to navigate to the Google Play Store to download an application on your smart TV with Android TV.

At the moment, this new feature is not yet active for everyone, but, thanks to screenshots posted by users on Reddit, it is possible to give it a preview before it is enabled on other devices globally.

As happens when you download an application from the Google Play Store on your computer or PC, you will get a message that asks you about the devices on which you want to install it. At that time, you can indicate, from your mobile device, that you want to install it on your smart TV.

Once you find the app you want to install on your TV, click on the tab located on the button Install. This option will display a list of all the compatible devices that you have associated with your Google account. Then, it only remains that you choose the name of your television with Android TV and select Install again to start the process.

If you still do not see this dynamic on your mobile, you will have to be patient. The update may only happen on the server side, so you won’t be able to force it on your computers.