How to know if you have apps that spy on you through the microphone or the camera?

If you have a smartphone or tablet Android Surely you have noticed that, after installing a new application, it asks you to approve some permissions in order to work correctly. Although it seems like a harmless request, you should be very careful when providing these licenses, as some apps could use them to spy on you through your camera or microphone.

For example, if you found a filter application in the Play Store and decided to download it to your cell phone, the most reasonable thing is that it has to use the camera. However, there are many apps (especially from unknown developers) that request additional permissions that are totally unnecessary, such as access to the microphone, location, contacts, calls, etc.

Fortunately, Android devices have a feature for users to know what permissions they have granted to all the applications they have installed. In this way, you will be able to know how many apps can use your camera or microphone and in case you discover a strange software or that you consider does not need that access, it is advisable to remove it.

Which apps have access to your camera or microphone?

1. Enter the cell phone settings and look for the option Privacy

2. Enter the permission manager Also called permission manager.

3. Your phone will display all available categories. In addition to camera and microphone you will find storage, contacts, location, call log, SMS, etc.

4. Go to camera or microphone and if you find a strange application (or one that should have those permissions) choose the option deny.

6. Additionally, you can check the other categories like location, storage, contacts. etc.