How to put password to all your applications with the version of Among Us?

There are users who want to go beyond the security offered by each mobile device at the time of unlocking it, as it turns out that several computers only have the function to lock initial screen leaving to the drift the other applications that we have in our system. Certain apps contain personal information that we do not want to share with anyone, much less criminals who tend to steal cell phones and access private data.

In order to strengthen the privacy of our mobile, there are several programs in iOS Store and Play Store that allow a password to be placed on our apps so that a person who is not the owner of the equipment cannot have access to it. Although there are an infinite number of options for this function, there is one in particular that gives the freedom to customize your recognition pattern in the style of Among us.

The application AppLock-Icon Changer is a very interesting option for netizens, because it gives you 100.00 different icons to configure access to Android device apps. But, if there is one that is more related to the issue of privacy in a fun way, this is the mission of the game Among Us, in which we must enter a password to advance the tasks of the ship.

To get the app we just have to enter Play Store where we will download it for free. Then, with the program installed, we must go to the configuration of our equipment to allow the program access to each application and customize it with the desired icon. For example, you can also change your search tool with the section of Youtube or Twitter.