How to put the copyright symbol on a Mac or PC keyboard?

Computers using the operating system (OS) Windows and the Mac YOU They have different shortcuts or combinations to make the well-known copyright symbol © that is used to identify a work with exclusive copyrights. For this reason, in this note you will learn about the different combinations to use the emblem in Mac or Pc computers that have the most popular OS on the market.

Mac and PC keyboard are similar. Although if you have used both peripherals, you will discover that they are different. Therefore, here we will explain how to write the symbol © on each peripheral.

To execute the copyright symbol on a Mac the combination is as follows: press the keys option and g at the same time. By combining them you will get the emblem that is very useful for uploading content to the internet.

The keyboard of a PC is one of the best known in the world, the combination to obtain the symbol is made by pressing three keys: ctrl, alt, c. You have to do it in this order to get it done because otherwise it won’t work.

Although key combinations are the simplest ways to obtain the copyright symbol, there are other options that we will show you below.

If you want to obtain the symbol in a simple and fast way to use it in a document or design, you can copy it here: ©.

If you use a word processor, such as Word and LibreOffice, they include a function to make your task easier. In Microsoft Word you can add the copyright symbol by typing “(c)”. Another way is to go to the tab insert> symbols> symbol. There you will find the well-known emblem.

The process in LibreOffice is the same. When you type (c), it will automatically become the © symbol. Another option is to use the menu insert > special character where you can choose the copyright symbol or any other that you want to add.

Another option is to use keyboard combinations, although you will need to memorize the combination of keys that includes a key and four digits. The shortcut you should use for the copyright symbol is the following: Alt + 0169.