How to record the screen of your smartphone without downloading any application?

The screen recording function makes it possible to capture on video the actions you perform on your mobile device, something that is especially useful when conducting tutorials and gameplays, as well as for saving virtual classes, conferences and video calls.

Although there are an infinity of specialized tools in this task, most of today’s smartphones include a native option to record the screen. In addition, they offer the ability to enable the microphone, select image quality, and customize other editing settings.

During recording, you can use the recording tools pencil to write or draw on the screen, and person to place a video overlay of yourself.

You can also access this function from the MIUI shortcuts panel which is available by sliding your finger across the top of the screen. However, from the app you have the possibility to modify the resolution, quality, orientation, sound source and other parameters.

Additionally, the EMUI and Magic UI customization layers allow you to use two knuckles to easily start and end recording. To do this, go to settings> accessibility features> shortcuts and gestures> screen record and turn on the feature.

When you do this, a notice will be displayed on the notification panel to inform that “the screen recording file has been saved”. If you select it, you will be able to view the clip obtained. You can also enter the phone gallery to see the result.