How to recover storage space on your phone without deleting apps, photos or videos?

On occasion, many users have had the need to use the cell phone to install an app or take a photo, but they get a “Memory full” message. Running out of storage space can be very problematic, and in those situations, you often opt for delete files that some do not consider indispensable; but, in the long run, it is a barely significant solution because, after a short time, it becomes saturated with elements again.

In that sense, today there are several ways to free up space on your smartphone, although these may require you to restart your computer or undo important information. However, there are effective alternatives to save memory without having to delete any files and then we will tell you what they are.

If you use your phone to store documents and other files, you probably already take up a considerable amount of internal memory space. The convenient thing is to be attentive and delete the elements that are not important, but if you already consider that all of them are essential, best to transfer them to googledrive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or any other cloud.

Although cloud storage is the most comfortable, you should not ignore the possibility of using an external memory that can be connected via the phone’s USB-C. And, above all, if you cannot insert a micro SD card.

Whether on a flash drive or as a hard drive or SSD, you will be able to easily connect it to your smartphone and review everything from the file manager.

Clearing app cache is important to optimize device storage. The programs manage to save elements that, however small they may be individually, end up assuming a considerable occupied capacity.

The instructions to clear the cache on Android are simple, although it will depend on the version you have: