How to register to be one of the first to try the new ChatGPT plugins?

The developers of ChatGPT, the American company Open AI, have just announced that users will be able to use plugins that will improve the capacity of this artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, not everyone will have access to try them, as you will need to be on a select list. How to be part of it? Here we teach you.

As detailed by Xataka, a specialized technology portal, the plugins will be found in a kind of store, similar to Apple’s App Store. Although most will be free to use, others are believed to be paid. One of the most interesting allows ChatGPT to have access to more current information.

According to the publication, ChatGPT has information up to 2021, so it is difficult to ask current issues. However, with these new plugins, the artificial intelligence developed by Open AI will be able to incorporate data in real time and thus provide people with much more accurate and current answers.

As well as this type of plugins, there are others that you can try for free. If you wish to do so, you will need to join a ‘waiting list’. Here we show you the steps:

  • Enter the official Open AI page. You can find it at this link
  • On this website, you will see all the plugins that are available so far.
  • Go to the end and press the button ‘Join plugins waitlist‘.
  • Fill in your information and press the ‘Join waitlist’ button.

That would be all, now we just have to wait. In your email you will receive messages from Open AI that will reveal your position on the waiting list. Once your turn comes, you are ready to test the plugins, you will be able to install them and improve the capabilities of ChatGPT.