How to send an SMS from your PC or laptop totally free? Here we teach you

A few years ago, there were pages that allowed you to send text messages to your friends for free; However, those websites ended up disappearing after it arrived WhatsApp Facebook Messenger among other instant messaging apps. Can you still send an SMS from your computer? The answer is positive and here we are going to teach you.

If you have an Android smartphone, you should know that the application google messages (which comes pre-installed in most phones) has a version for computers that you can use freely, it does not matter that you have run out of balance. Using this platform (which is very similar to WhatsApp Web) is quite easy, you just have to follow these steps.

1. Take your smartphone and enter the application Google Messages. In case you don’t have it, download it from the Play Store.

2. Press the three dots (upper right corner) and select the option “Device pairing”.

3. Choose ‘Scan QR code‘and you will see that your phone’s camera is activated

4. Now go to the official Google Messages page (You can find it here).

5. You will see that it has an interface similar to WhatsApp Web, with a QR code that you must scan with your smartphone.

6. Once you scan the code, all the text messages you sent will appear, as well as your contacts that you have saved in your Google account.

That’s all. Keep in mind that the web platform of Google Messages for computers not only allows you to send text, but also stickers, emojis, images and GIFs.