How to send messages on WhatsApp to a number without having to add it to my contacts?

Although WhatsApp is the messaging service that we use the most to communicate with our friends and family, there are times when we have to write to a number that we are only going to contact once or twice. Luckily, a trick has become a trend on social networks that allows us to send messages to a user without having to add them to our contact list. How does it work? Here we explain it to you.

Thanks to this incredible WhatsApp method, you will no longer waste time filling your contact list with numbers that you do not want to have for one or two specific messages. Also, these users will not have permission to see your profile picture or your last connection.

Although there are several applications and programs that expressly serve to easily send texts or content to people that you do not have in your contacts WhatsApp the best thing is not to risk and use the trick of the messaging service that does not need to install anything.

Adding someone to our phonebook can take a minute, but we may not feel like doing it or we just don’t want to store a bunch of numbers of people we don’t know in our contact list. To write to a person on WhatsApp without having to add them, do the following: