How to turn off WhatsApp without disconnecting the internet on your phone?

A new WhatsApp trick has gone viral on the social networks and has surprised its millions of users. Although it is the most used messaging platform on phones Android and iOS to communicate with our friends and family where we receive a large amount of posts Y calls There are times when we don’t want anyone to bother us. To solve this problem there is a secret method that allows us to turn off the application without having to deactivate the internet on the mobile. How does it work? Here we tell you.

It is true that many people choose to disconnect from the Wifi or disable mobile data and thus prevent WhatsApp messages from reaching them, however this means that we cannot surf the Internet from the phone, check email, open social networks or use an app that requires a connection.

Another alternative widely used by users of WhatsApp is to mute the individual and group chats that we use the most. However, this task can be tedious and useless as it will not prevent notifications from reappearing when someone we mute writes to us again. Fortunately, there is another little-known way to disconnect from the application without having to resort to the aforementioned measures.

Thanks to this simple method we can continue using Wifi or mobile data without any problem, but we will not receive any WhatsApp messages. Furthermore, it will appear to those who wrote to us that we have not received it.

We will not have to install any third-party application on our mobile or anything like that, since it is a function that we can apply with the help of the operating system Android. We just have to follow these steps: