How to use Firefly, Adobe’s new AI that can create images from text?

Adobe, the famous company behind photoshop, Premiere, among other programs, has just launched Firefly, its own artificial intelligence (AI) that can create images in seconds, you just have to type what you want. This amazing tool, which you can try for free, is looking to dethrone Dall-E, Midjourney and similar platforms. How is it used? Here we are going to tell you.

To be able to create images in Adobe Firefly it will not be necessary to download any application on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Currently, this AI is an online platform that can be visited from Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or any other browser of your choice. Although it is free, you will need to create an account to use it, which will only take a few minutes.

What can you do in Adobe Firefly?

As detailed by El Androide Libre, a portal specialized in technology, Adobe Firefly is still in the development phase; however, you can already try its four main experiences: text to image, generative fill, text effects and generative recolor. The first is the most important, as it allows netizens to unleash their creativity.

Once inside the tool, users will have to write a ‘prompt’ (indication) of what you want this artificial intelligence to create. Keep in mind that the more specific you are, the better results you will get. For example, to create highly realistic images, you’ll need to include this feature in your order.

At the moment, the AI ​​developed by Adobe only accepts texts in English. If you do not speak this language, you can use translators such as Google Translate to prepare the ‘prompts’. The best thing about this artificial intelligence is that, once it shows the result (four images), it allows you to add various effects to them.

According to the publication, the other three Adobe Firefly tools are used to remove (or add) objects in an image, apply styles or textures to text, and make color variations to uploaded images. Soon two more functions will be released (3D to image and Extend image). The former creates artwork from a 3D object, while the latter uses AI to fill in the sides of the photos.