How was Melcochita and Monique Pardo’s romance and why did the exvedette sue him?

Paul Villanueva and Monique Pardo are some of the most representative figures of local entertainment due to their long artistic career. The grace, mischief and talent they possess have conquered many hearts that have faithfully followed their career. However, no one imagined that these charismatic characters had had a little history in the past.

Both are known for their funny television appearances, however, it was only known that they had a brief romance in the 70s. However, years later they were confronted in a controversy in which the interpreter of “Caramelo” sued Melcochita.

In the following lines we tell you how this little idyll was and what happened so that the artists were close to facing a legal battle.

In recent days, a black and white photograph of yesteryear, starring Pablo Villanueva and Monique Pardo, has gone viral. As a result, rumors arose about a possible relationship between the artists in the past, which was confirmed by Melcochita himself.

“At that time we were in love, we went up and down, I am older than her, and the relationship was very healthy, only kisses. At that time Monique was very beautiful, a top dancer, when the artists were very talented. I remember that she made great presentations at the remembered Embassy, ​​in the center of Lima, ”said the sonero in an interview with Trome.

After surprising with her revelation, Melcochita assured that she is very fond of Monique Pardo and has great respect for her entire career that supports her.

“Of the best (about what their current relationship is like), that was a short one, and we have always treated each other with a lot of respect and admiration. We always coincide at events and she is an artist loved by the public and she has many musical successes ” he added.

However, at some point, both starred in a controversy that was close to becoming a legal battle, what happened?

In 2010, Monique Pardo sued Melcochita for saying that she worked in a night club. Initially, the exvedette demanded that the comedian apologize publicly to avoid legal action; however, failing to do so, she decided to initiate a process.

“He will have to admit before the Judiciary that he has invented, that it is a lie, because the lawsuit continues. I have acted legally because what he has done has been very serious, ”he declared for RPP.

“That apology is a mockery. It is one more insult and (on top of that) he is offended. I feel ashamed to be involved in a problem with him (…) There has to be a denial in all the media. There has been a crime against my privacy,” she added.