How was the televised wedding of Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi

Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi are one of the most stable couples on television. The former Miss Peru 2011 and the former captain of “Los Leones” met on this program “This is war” and it didn’t take more than four months for him to ask her to marry him, after they were a couple.

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On August 15, 2013, they both shouted their love, but it was Iaco Eskenazi who first surprised Natalie Vertiz on the set of “This is war” with roses, heart-shaped balloons, but most importantly, the engagement ring. Extremely moved, she said “Yes”.

After that, in 2014 Natalie Vertiz became pregnant with their first child, Liam, and they had to wait a year for the incredible dream wedding that was televised. In this note from El Popular, how was the marriage of the beautiful model with Yaco Eskenazi.

This was the wedding of Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi

Natalie Vertiz and Yaco Eskenazi They were married on July 11, 2015 and it was a civil marriage. However, that did not make it a dream wedding and even one of the few televised, after the one remembered between Gisela Valcárcel and Roberto Martínez.

the marriage of Natalie Vertiz and Yaco Eskenazi It was as she always dreamed: like a princess. She was great, very emotional and above all, all of Peru saw it. In addition, almost everything, if not everything, was by trade, although that is not something that has mattered to the former reality boys.

That night, Johanna San Miguel and Mathías Brivio hosted the televised wedding and the one who won the cameras was the little son of Natalie Vertiz and Yaco Eskenaziwho was present at all times.

After signing the marriage certificate, Natalie Vertiz and Yaco Eskenazi They moved on to another area, where the couple performed their first dance. After that, each one did the same with their respective parents and finished to the rhythm of “Live my life” by Marc Anthony with his little son.

Among the attendees were Melissa Paredes, ‘Cachaza’, Rebeca Escribans, Francesca Zignago, Sheyla Rojas, Melissa Loza, Maju Mantilla, Luciana Fuster, André Carrillo, Jefferson Farfán, Vanessa Jerí, among other characters; and the one who grabbed the bouquet was Kina Malpartida.

Will Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi marry religiously?

In 2021, Natalie Vertiz and Yaco Eskenazi They announced that they will marry religiously in two years and for a special reason: they are waiting for their second child to be able to walk.

In the program “In Everyone’s Mouth”, Iaco Eskenazi He answered why they still don’t get married because they are religious. “Liam to her mom’s civil marriage hand in hand with her, so when the new baby can walk and can enter with her hand in hand and with Liam, there it will be (the wedding).