How would Shakira have discovered Gerard Piqué’s infidelity?

Shakira and Gerard Piqué seemed to be one of the most stable couples in international entertainment. However, both ended up surprising when they communicated the end of their sentimental relationship, fruit of which they had two children. For this, both sent a statement.

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We regret to confirm that we are parting ways. We ask for privacy at this time for the well-being of our children, who are our top priority. Thank you in advance for your understanding and respect”, was the first message they left. Shakira and Gerard Piquehowever, it did not take many weeks to see the footballer with Clara Chiafor which many believe that there was infidelity on his part and even wonder how the Colombian would have discovered it and here we will tell you.

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Shakira: How would you have discovered Gerard Piqué’s infidelity?

After the images in which you see Gerard Piqué with Clara Chiain the program “The fat and the skinny” It was said that Shakira would have discovered the soccer player’s alleged infidelity thanks to the work of a detective agency that he had hired.

Even in the program “The fat and the skinny” It was said that these detectives would have disclosed the results of their investigation to journalists, while Shakira would have in her possession images of Gerard Piqué with another woman.

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Shakira: What did the paparazzi Jordi Martin say about how he found out about Gerard Piqué’s infidelity?

In an interview with “Amor y Fuego”, the paparazzi Jordi Martin told how Shakira would have discovered about the infidelity of Gerard Piqué. As he narrated, with Clara Chia It has been almost a year and he took her to her parents’ house, the same one that is located next to the Colombian’s house.

Pique went to bathe in the pool at his parents’ house with his girlfriend Clara, then the workers of Shakirafrom the garden, they saw Pique and the bride kissing in the pool”, he told “Amor y Fuego”.

It was in this circumstance that Gerard Piqué ended up asking for time ShakiraSo I was confused. “Shakira knew absolutely nothing… They take a trip to Disney World in Orlando in December, and when they arrive in Barcelona PiwhatEU tells her: ‘Shakira, things aren’t going well, I’m very overwhelmed with companies, I’m going through a rough patch and I need space’, then Shakira tells her: ‘Don’t worry, I’m going to Los Angeles for 17 days to do a talent show and you will have space, don’t worry’”.

After this time, Gerard Piqué insisted on the separation and according to the paparazzi Jordi Martin, Shakira would have hired detectives to investigate him, discovering the infidelity. It is then that the Colombian would have decided to make the separation public.