How would you look if you were of another nationality? So you can join the new TikTok challenge

A new challenge has become trend on TikTok and consists of showing how you would look if you were of another nationality. Although this trend is causing a sensation on the platform, very few users know how to do it. If you are interested in joining this viral challenge then this tutorial will be very useful for you.

First you must enter the Play Store or App Store and search FacePlay – Face Swap Video. Downloading this application is essential so that you can carry out that TikTok challenge since it has several filters that will put you in the typical clothing of other countries. How is it used?

1. Open the application and press’Get Started

2. Press the button I got it! and choose let to give you access to your smartphone’s camera

3. Now you should take a selfie. Preferably it is daytime and your face looks good

4. Click on Confirmed and wait for FacePlay – Face Swap Video to recognize your face

5. Several options will appear, you must select Ethnic to see the different models

6. Choose the nationality you like the most and press the button Star makin.

7. The result will be saved in the memory of your cell phone.

That would be all. Now you must repeat the steps and choose another nationality. Once you have a good compilation of videos, you will have to merge them into one. Remember that the result should not exceed three minutes, the maximum time on TikTok.

Nowadays, there are many video editors that can put FacePlay clips together – Face Swap Video. One of the easiest to use (besides being free) is CapCut which is available for both Android and iOS devices.