Huawei presents a smart helmet for cyclists that allows you to make calls

The Chinese company Huawei not only presents modern smartphones, tablets and laptops, it also designs other technological devices that can be very useful for users. One of the most curious, which has just been released recently, is called Helmetphone BH51M Neo Smart Helmet and it is a smart helmet that is aimed at cyclists or skaters. How does it work?

According to Paréntesis, a portal specialized in technology, the smart case developed by Huawei uses the HamonyOS operating system (the brand’s own) and allows users to make voice calls through Bluetooth, which can be enabled from their cell phone. .

Another feature of this unique product is that it has a stereo speaker that allows you to play your favorite music, which you can move forward or backward, without having to take out your phone. Not only that, since it also has LED lights, both in the rear and in the front.

Something curious about these LED lights is that they detect the deceleration of the user. For example, if you are driving your bicycle, skateboard or other light vehicle and you slow down, the case will light up, the same will also happen if you turn or try to turn around.

For the Helmetphone BH51M Neo Smart Helmet to work properly, the user will have to pair it with their phone. After this, it will be possible to have knowledge of the battery percentage of the case, we can even add emergency contacts in case we suffer an accident.

At the moment, this smart helmet is only available in China at a price of 799 yuan, which would be about US $ 125, approximately.