Hugo García was moved to tears after winning the award for ‘most handsome’ in EEG [VIDEO]

In the Christmas edition of This is War that the program presented, the model Hugo García joked and pretended that he was crying with emotion when he beat Patricio Parodi and Diego Rodríguez in the category of the ‘Most handsome’ of the EEG Awards 2021. The young man did not He hesitated to get excited before the cameras, while he was cheered by his teammates.

The drivers, Gian Piero Díaz and Johanna San Miguel, were in charge of giving the award to the young man, who these weeks had been giving people talk after being supported in affectionate attitudes and outings with Alessia Rovegno, and surprised more than one by making their romance official in style, showing off next to the daughter of Bárbara Cayo for the first time.

On the other hand, among the surprises that the December 23 program had was the host of The Artist of the Year, Gisela Valcárcel, who surprised by appearing in the special Christmas edition that the reality program presented, where she arrived to support a social cause for a child suffering from cancer.

The popular ‘Senito’ visited the set of the youth reality show to help a little boy who is fighting cancer. In this way, Gisela Valcárcel once again shows that the quarrels between the two producers were left in the past.

“We are a family and the truth is that I am happy to be in ‘This is war’. I think this is one of the best messages in the family, sometimes we agree or not, but we will never stop being family,” he is heard say to the blonde driver.

Rebeca Escribns on Hugo García’s new relationship: “I don’t care about his love”

Weeks ago, Monday, September 13, Rebecca Writes began his morning, sending a journalistic note of the trip he made to the north of Peru, the member of This is war, Hugo Garcia with his then partner, Alexandra Balarezo.

However, great was the astonishment, when the actress also had a strange reaction for the new couple. “The truth is that I care little about his love, I was watching the palmeritas de tumbes,” said the host amid the laughter of her companions on the TV set.