Hunter shoots and kills dog after mistaking it for a coyote: family demands sanctions

On Saturday, January 7, a family from Pennsylvania, United States, reported the murder of Hunterher 8-year-old Alaskan malamute crossbreed, who was shot by a hunter that confused him supposedly with a coyote. The family group demands justice and asks the authorities that the person responsible be punished.

Jennifer Heller, the owner of Hunter -adopted from a shelter in New Jersey-, was the one who reported the case on Facebook. She said that her husband, identified as Chris Heller, he took his dog and another for a walk on a “very common path” near his house. Minutes later, she took off his collar and released it, but always keeping an eye on her pet.

Everything was quiet until they noticed the presence of a group of hunters, since it was hunting season, which alarmed Chris. Unfortunately, he was unable to reach Hunter, as the men fired at him. Screaming, he called for help, loaded him into a pickup truck and took him to the vet, but he died on the way.

After the loss, Jennifer and Chris demanded that the authorities revoke the hunting permits of the person responsible for Hunter’s death, who never apologized. They also argued that it was impossible to confuse it with another animal, since the dog was three times the size of a coyote.

Finally, heThe couple opened a collection through the GoFundMe platform to cover the costs of the legal process. Until now, there are 12,000 dollars; that is, he passed the goal of $10,000.