Hunter’s Moon 2022: when, how and at what time to see the October full moon?

in this sky of october we will be able to see a new full moon, this would be the tenth of the year. This phenomenon is known as the ‘Hunter’s Moon’. On this occasion said event is in its perigeewhich means that its distance will be closer to the Land. Another element that adds is that it will match the ‘draconids‘.

Astronomy fans will have a great opportunity to enjoy these phenomena that will take place this month. From Peru you can see the moon known as ‘Hunter’s Moon’.

At what time can we see the full moon?

The ‘Hunter’s Moon’ will appear this Sunday, October 9 at 20:55 UTC (3:55 pm Peruvian time). This means that when the satellite appears in the east after sunset, its surface will already be seen illuminated at its maximum splendor.

How to see the ‘Hunter’s Moon’?

To look at the moon, you must observe the sky in an easterly direction, approximately one hour after sunset, this can be confirmed on the web portal on astronomical events Earth Sky. On the other hand, if you look to the northeast of the full moon, you can admire the brightness of the planet Jupiter. This planet was at its closest peak to Earth on September 26.

october lunar calendar

These are the dates of the lunar phases for October 2022:

  • Waning gibbous moon: October 2nd
  • Full moon: October 9
  • New Moon: October the 17th
  • Waxing gibbous moon: October 25