Hunter’s Moon: What is it and why is the October full moon so called?

The stars they captivate us Seeing towards the Moon is one of the oldest customs of the humanityits brightness gives us light at night and many people find it as a peace symbol and romance. One of the prettiest moons is the Hunter’s Moon, which will shine intensely in the coming days. In this note of The popular We tell you what you need to know about this incredible event.

What is the Hunter’s Moon?

It is a lunar phenomenon, which occurs when the satelite It is closer to the earth, so it generates an intense brightness and looks larger than normal, causing one of the most beautiful images that fans of celestial bodies can appreciate.

The name it receives, part of the Maine Farmer’s Almanac record or the “farmers almanac“. The “hunter’s moon“, is related to the inhabitants of North America and Canadabecause the light with which it shines leaves animals without a hiding place at night, so wild hunters take advantage of the situation

When is it and how to see the Hunter’s Moon?

This striking phase of the Moon will take place this weekend, the Sunday October 9 and it will start, exactly at 10:25 pm Time in which it will reach its greatest brightness and size.

To be able to enjoy this phenomenon, it is advisable to locate yourself in a dark and secluded place, away from the light of the city that hinders and prevents a better appreciation of the brightness of the Moon.