‘I am: great international battles’: ‘Little Princess Mily’ returned as consecrated to the contest

He came back with force. The impersonator of Princess Mily, who won the affection of the public in the previous edition of Yo soy, returned in this new season as the famous vocalist of Pintura Roja. On this occasion, he was able to enchant with his voice when singing with the public and in front of the new jurors Jorge Henderson and Janick Maceta.

The young woman appeared in I am: great international battles as consecrated and was challenged by ‘Raphael’, who, despite his powerful voice, could not defeat her. To the rhythm of “The telephone” he was able to convince the qualifiers of the gala.

During his presentation, he interacted with the audience and received many ovations. “And how is the town of I am? How i miss them”, Said Noemí Ávila.

“People of Yo soy, I love you … I come with that desire to feel good with the audience of Yo Soy, and more as I have been informed that the audience … No, as the audience was present, it is my first time” added.

I am: great international battles premiered last Thursday 18 with a live audience for the first time since the arrival of the pandemic, and Cristian Rivero could not get emotional when he saw people scream.

“During the commercial cut I heard that cry that two years ago I did not hear. Shout it out please, again … The fans return, the fans return to this stage again ”, said the host of the program.

The premiere of I am: great international battles introduced its new jurors, who will choose those who stay and leave during the galas.

Janick Maceta, Mauri Stern, Jorge Henderson and Katia Palma are the qualifiers in this new edition of the imitation contest. Cristian Rivero and Karen Schwarz are the conductors of the space.