‘I am: great international battles’ LIVE: time and channel to see the singing reality show

The premiere of the singing reality show Latina brought many surprises during its premiere. In the first place, there was a new jury, where Janick Maceta excelled in his first experience on national television, as did journalist Jorge Henderson, who returned to the small screen after some time.

The new participants surprised at the premiere, some of them were the imitators of Christian Yaipén, Bad Bunny, Raphael, Princesita Mili, among other artists. At the end of the first gala, the jury had to choose between Axl Rose and Slash or Marcello Motta. In the end, Los roqueros qualified as consecrated and left out Marcello Motta who appreciated the opportunity to participate in the acclaimed television show.

The imitators who appeared at the first gala were:

The 4 juries for I am: Great International Battles are:

Cristian Rivero and Karen Schwarz are the conductors of I am: great international battles.

I am: great international battles 2021 is a singing reality show that brings together the best national and international imitators on a single stage. Talent is the protagonist, but also the spirit to reach the big prize.

In each edition, the juries must decide who is entitled to approach the peak of success.

I am: great international battles begins at 8.30 pm (Peruvian time).

The public will be able to enjoy the voices of the participants and the verdicts of the jury of I am: great battles International through the signal of Latina Televisión.

To see the programming of Latina Televisión LIVE, the channel’s signal must be tuned according to the contracted cable package. Here’s how to enjoy this channel:

To follow the minute by minute of the premiere of I am: great battles Internacional 2021, you have two ways to do it. Here we tell you what they are: