I am: Hector Lavoe impersonator is hospitalized after being shot in the abdomen

Julio Eduardo Reyes Villanueva, Peruvian imitator of Hector Lavoe He was the victim of an armed attack. The singer competed in the 2017 season of I am. He is currently hospitalized after receiving a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Reyes is a family man and with his wife, Liseth, he has two children. Due to the pandemic, he had to become a public transport driver and put his artistic career on hiatus.

The incident occurred on January 1, in the Canto Rey area of ​​the Puente Piedra district. Reyes was visiting a friend, waiting for his wife to pick him up. Then He was hit by a bullet, which went through his back and exited through his abdomen.

According to witnesses, the attacker caused a shooting. He suddenly shot up to six times and chased the singer. Currently, the 31-year-old musician is admitted to the Cayetano Heredia hospital while the Police are investigating the case.

In dialogue with La República, Julio Reyes’s wife testified after the incident. She witnessed the moment in which the copycat was shot. She described that she was on her way to pick up her husband from a friend’s house. In front of him was the person who attacked the musician.

“At that moment I did not realize what had really happened,” explained the artist’s spouse. He added that the attacker tried to shoot Julio again, but his friend managed to avoid him. In addition, both her partner and she ran to flee and then headed to the hospital.

Likewise, the wife reported that she knew the attacker, but the singer did not. The aggressor, identified as Armando Miranda Sánchez He was detained by the Police, with the support of the residents of the area. Upon meeting her husband, she has not been able to file a complaint against Miranda, and it is necessary that she go to the Depincri de Puente Piedra.

“They told me that he had a habit of attacking people with weapons”, declared the musician’s partner.

Nowadays, Hector Lavoe impersonator is in intensive care. His wife specified on January 2 that doctors would wait 72 hours to see how the case evolves, because the singer lost a lot of blood.