I am International: Princess Mily was moved when singing before the public: “It is the first time” [VIDEO]

I return with everything. The singer and impersonator of the ‘Little Princess Mily’ surprised with her appearance I am Great Battles International, where she enchanted with her voice and talent, which for the first time she showed before a live audience, a fact for which she could not help but be moved.

“Consecrated, defend her place in that chair, we are going to remember the original … She is ready to fight and defend her place within the consecrated, sings a classic of Red Painting,” she said announcing it Cristian Rivero.

To the beat of “The phone“, the young artist conquered the Yo Soy jury with her sweet voice and did not hesitate to interact with the public, whom she saw for the first time live on the program. But, that was not all, as she also managed to beat the imitator of ‘Raphael ‘.

“And how is the town of Yo soy? How I miss them … People of Yo soy, I love them … I come with that desire to feel good with the audience of Yo Soy, and more as they have informed me that the public … No, as the public was present, it is my first time“said the impersonator of the ‘Little Princess Mily’.

Yo Soy returned with international artists and LIVE audiences: “That cry that I hadn’t heard two years ago”

Cristian Rivero was excited to return with the public at the return of Yo Soy and recalled that due to the pandemic, the joy of the people could not be felt live.

“During the commercial cut I heard that cry that two years ago I did not hear. Shout it please, again … The fans return, the fans return to this stage again, “he said with emotion.