I am Peru: José Feliciano impersonator reveals why he decided to return to the program

I am: great international battles continues to delight his audience with shocking duels between his contestants. This last week, the artists from the gallery of consecrated people gave everything on stage to try to preserve their places; However, only a few were able to achieve it and one of them was precisely Sebastián Landa, the impersonator of José Feliciano.

After emerging victorious from his confrontations against several challengers, the Puerto Rican singer’s ‘double’ spoke on Instagram to reveal why he was encouraged to return to Yo soy after so long.

“We are still in the chair! Thanks to Mauri Stern for asking me to return to I am, he convinced me to go challenge. Thanks, Mauri. Now to continue singing to my beautiful Peru and to the whole world. I love you so much. All my art is for you ”, he expressed.

A few days ago and after several close clashes, ‘José Feliciano’ defeated ‘Dyango’ in I am: great international battles and stayed with his chair in the platform of consecrated people.

“At last I am in the consecrated chair! For emergency reasons they cut off the broadcast of the program where I was battling with the great Jairo Tafur ‘Dyango’ and in which I was the winner and I was able to get this chair. Thank you all for your words and for all the support and good energy that you sent me, “wrote the impersonator after his victory.

Sebastián Landa, an imitator of José Feliciano, assured that before they did not value his work in Yo soy Perú and that, therefore, today he feels grateful that that has changed.

“I feel that they are valuing the work that I have been doing, for a long time, now they are valuing it, before they were not like that,” he said.