“I have been your friend”: what is the story behind the theme of Flor Pileña that Pepino popularized?

The new member of “JB en ATV”, Cucumber, went viral on social networks after interpreting a song by the Peruvian artist Flor Pileña. The lyrics and the particular voice of the comic actor immediately made this folklore popular. Although the original name of the song is titled “I’m everything for you”on digital platforms it is known as “I have been your friend”. Next, the author of this melody told what is the story behind its creation.

YOU CAN SEE: Who is Flor Pileña, the singer of the song that Pepino sang on “JB en ATV” and it went viral?

What is the story behind the theme of Flor Pileña that Pepino viralized?

“I have been your friend. I was your lover. I have been your girlfriend. I am now your wife ”, is part of the lyrics of the song” I am everything for you “that she wrote pilena flower and that the comedian Kille González Rodríguez, better known as Cucumber, went viral on the networks.

In an interview with the Trome newspaper, pilena flower revealed how this successful hit was born. “That song is like seven years old. It is lyrics and music of who speaks to you. That time I participated in a championship, we played and won. And because of the excitement of winning and winning, I go home and it was my cousin’s birthday. Between drinks, talking, the subject comes up. (I wrote it) On a night of revelry, ”she held the folk singer.

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What does Flor Pileña think about Pepino’s interpretation of his song?

The Peruvian artist Flor Pileña was grateful and happy with the comedian Cucumber for turning his song into a hit in recent months. “She sings it her style. It is to promote yourself. Likes. As it is funny and it has to do with how to reach the public, the hearts of those who see it. I congratulate you. It won’t do it right, but it does.”were the words of the interpreter which has 41 years of artistic life.